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How We’re Different

You have a lot of financial planners to choose from and we are honored that you would choose to work with Cooley & Labas Financial Advisors. There are many things that set us apart, but some of the most notable include:


Not only do we have two CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals on our team, but we also have a Masters in Financial Planning as well as two professionals with a Masters in Business Administration. We are one of the most educated teams in Northern Mississippi.


We are always just a phone call or email away if you have questions. You’re never passed along to a third-party or robo-advisor. We’re here for you when you need it most. 


Because our clients are able to work with our whole team, you know that you’re getting the highest level of service every time. We address all aspects of your financial picture so there are no surprises.


Our clients trust that all of the recommendations we make are in their best interest. In addition, we trust that our clients will work with us as a team. We work best with clients who are coachable and appreciate our guidance. This mutual relationship of trust goes a long way.


At our firm, we believe that our clients are much more than just a number. We’re results-driven, rather than transaction-based, meaning that we get to know you and your goals and customize your plan accordingly.

We entered the financial services industry to truly help the people we serve. This passion, as well as our professional experience and credentials, sets us apart from other advisors. We build long-term relationships with our clients and help you answer your most pressing financial questions in an understandable, unbiased manner.